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A line of conceptual women’s wear for the fantasy lover. Think Game of Thrones meets modern professional.
We design and produce womens’ wear, but our often androgynous style makes our clothes attractive to many men.
We are located in Moscow so there is a strong influence of this big gloomy city in our work.
We work with ample shapes, clean lines and the bleak color palette of the Russian cityscape. Our clothes are contemplative, with a sense of poetic melancholy. The design is detailed with touches of vintage-inspired craftsmanship. We work with small production amounts to be sustainable and low-waste. We’d rather produce addition drops if people ask for some models out of stock. We work with long trends and slow fashion.
We have a beautiful showroom in Moscow city center, we share it with really interesting menswear brand with strong historical connotation in design.
Also we have an online store with worldwide delivery.