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We are a Moscow-based brand with an experimental approach to every-day clothes. Dresses-transformers, jersey with loose fit, coats and anoraks for democratic prices.Our aesthetic guidelines are inspired by Gothic, Noir and Post-Apocalypses, which fill common Moscow days.The most important thing in a practical sense is that the garments ought to or even must be comfortable.

The brand was created in 2012 by British School of Design graduate Asja Sporykhina.

The development and promotion are being done by a team of four. Now all our collections are made in Moscow, since it is important for us to utterly control the process of production, know who makes our garments and in what conditions.

Intro.version clothes belong to two blocks – basic and conceptual. The basic block includes jersey garments for every day: dresses, long-sleeves, T-shirts, leggings. Simple design, accurate fit, black color, nothing excessive. 

However, when creating the conceptual block, we make a lot of experiments with design, trying to produce original garments, which easily replace familiar shapes and at first look complicated. We work with large volumes of fabric, drapery, asymmetry. For this part of the collection we are looking for interesting fabrics, textures, unobvious shades of color. As a rule, the garments are produced in limited number.